About Us

Mission Statement

To provide the very best value in Welter Weight Motorsports by helping our customers reach their goals whether their goals are winning championships or just having fun.

Welter Weight Race Cars (WWRCs) defined but not limited to; WWRCs are motorcycle powered race cars with engines ranging in size from single cylinder, 2 stroke, 250 cc to 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, fuel injected as large as 1500cc. Some applications are forced induction type (turbo charged or super charged). The attraction is motorcycle engines produce tremendous amounts of reliable power in a compact package at relatively low cost. These 3 factors have fueled an incredible amount of growth in Welter Weight Motorsports.

A short list of applications in the U.S. is:
  • Dwarf Cars
  • Legends Cars
  • Mini Sprints
  • Micro Midgets
  • Modified Midgets
  • Mod Lites
  • Spec Mod Lites
  • FSAE
  • DSR & CSR
  • Go Karts
  • Sand Cars
  • Golf Carts
  • Kit Cars:
    • Lotus 7s
    • Fischer Furys
    • other small sports cars

History of Peter D Motorsports Inc.

Peter D Motorsports, Inc was started in 1998 in a 1000 sq ft shop behind Peter and Lynnís house six months after Peter bought his first Dwarf Car. Being frustrated with the lack of quality parts and technical help available he decided something should be done. He opened Peter D Motorsports, Inc. after he was offered distribution of the Pro-chassis brand of Dwarf Cars. Peter recognized the quality and sound engineering of the pro-chassis brand. He was impressed that the suspension parts would bolt on all pro cars no matter what year it was built. A few other design features that keep the cost down and quality up were, and still are the; stock Toyota left side axle (cheap and dependable), light weight narrow rear axle design (making the axle as narrow as possible and using wheel offset to make the width required is lighter. A wheel weighs the same no matter what offset it is.), one offset for all wheels (cuts down on the need for extra spares).

Getting started wasn't easy. Peter had other business concerns that spilt his time and energy but success came soon at the end of the 1999 ADC season. Blane Fett won that year's ADC points Championship in the second Pro-Chassis Peter sold. The first Dwarf Car he sold was to Jim and J.D. Gardner. With J. D. driving they won rookie of the year in 2000 with nine main event wins and won the points championship in 2001 with another amazing nine main event wins.

Soon Peter realized that his main desire and focus was motor sports. He sold his other business and since late 2001 has focused on the welterweight racing industry. Now with the tremendous help from his wife and 4 full time employees they are building, servicing, and repairing racecars, not to mention shipping parts nation wide out of a 6000 sq. ft. building.

The parts business is new and exciting to Peter. He works hard to find specialized quality parts at reasonable prices. There have been hard lessons learned, but the satisfaction of hearing that his customers are doing well and having fun is worth the effort. The biggest lesson learned is that customers will drive for hours in a straight line so they can drive in circle for 15 or 20 minutes. He knows that some one willing to do this for fun wants the right parts in a hurry. In order to do this Peter and Lynn has invested a lot of time and money into a new web site, and parts distribution process. We hope you notice the improvements.

Peter D Motorsports